Bolle Buik team of midwives and Bolle Buik NPO

The Bolle Buik team of midwives is a cooperation of independent midwifes with over 15 years of experience in obstetrics home care. All the midwives on our team are working towards the same goal: to promote the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Support is given for home births, hospital births, water births and polyclinic births. In addition, a normal pregnancy is followed from start to finish. We offer prenatal courses; then after the birth − in the postnatal period − the midwives support you at home. They help with breastfeeding, postnatal exercises, baby massage and so on.

As well as the specific midwifery and obstetrics tasks, the team has developed a lot of other activities and services over the years. These activities help to realize the organization’s goals, directly or indirectly. To support these activities a non-profit organization was founded and the articles of association were adapted to the new Belgian legislation in 2005.

A non-profit organization is a legal association where the members − all voluntary − contribute to the functioning of the organization. The Association of Members consists of a group of volunteers: they formulate and control the general policy of the NPO, while the Members of the Board run and coordinate the day-to-day activities.

Activities and services that the NPO develops and organizes:

  • Quarterly Bolle Buik magazine for new parents
  • Yearly Bolle Buik day with all sorts of activities
  • Website with usefull info on Bolle Buik, as well as fun stories

If you are interested in taking part in any of these activities, or if you would like to help us as a volunteer, please do not hesitate in contacting us. You are assured of a warm welcome. Fresh ideas are always helpful for the organization!

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