Membership of Bolle Buik?

If you become a member of Bolle Buik you will be able to enjoy many advantages:

  • Our midwives are ready to help you if you need support or if you have any questions, 24h/24h, 7 days a week.
  • You will receive our Bolle Buik magazine 4 times a year, filled with lots of birth stories, interesting information, columns and more!
  • You can get a discount on several articles in our shop, e.g. when buying a birth pool or Kubeba baby carrier and you will be able to rent a pack with birth pool accessories.
  • You will receive our one-off gift which is a cute baby cap made of bio cotton.

Do you want to continue your membership after birth and nursing period? You’re more than welcome! We try to built a supportive network for parents with young children. We want to offer our Bolle Buik families the opportunity to stay in touch with each other. Sharing experiences when educating toddlers and infants who are growing up can be enlightening. When renewing your membership you’re not only supporting Bolle Buik, but you continue to be part of our network. Furthermore you will continue to receive the Bolle Buik magazine 4 times a year and you can get a discount on the articles in our shop.

Join us now and pay 25 euros to account number 001-2658700-06 from Bolle Buik NPO. Welcome!!

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