What does the midwife do during the consultations

At the first consultation (duration: +-1 hour):

  • Raadpleging bij de vroedvrouwShe can do a pregnancy test by taking a blood sample if you haven’t already done a test at home.
  • She will calculate the delivery or due date by looking at the FIRST day of your last period (please keep track of your menstrual cycle and mark the first day of each period in your agenda so you will know the date).
  • She will look with you at your personal case history as well as that of your family (please check with your parents if you can).
  • She will ask for your blood group; please bring your blood group card with you.
  • She will ask about your own birth weight and that of your husband and also your place in the family (are you the eldest, youngest...?)
  • She will discuss any previous pregnancies and births
  • She will take a blood sample
  • She will fill out a pregnancy file that she keeps with her and that will be updated at every consultation
  • She will give you a special booklet (“moederboekje”) from Kind & Gezin in which all your file details will be kept. Please bring this booklet to every consultation and also when visiting your GP or gynaecologist so everybody involved knows how you’re doing.
  • She will explain how the team operates.

At every follow-up consultation (duration: +-30-45min):

  • She will measure your blood pressure and check your pulse and weight
  • She will check your urine for protein if necessary and also for sugar (this in consultation with you)
  • She will ask about your general health
  • She will ask about foetal movements
  • She will measure your growing uterus
  • She will touch and feel your stomach to determine the position of the baby
  • She will listen to the baby’s heartbeat
  • She will NOT do an internal examination, unless you have frequent Braxton Hicks contractions or, with your agreement, if you go past your due date
  • She will complete your pregnancy file and the “moederboekje”
  • She will refer you to a specialist if needed. (read more)
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