Can I have a waterbirth?

Bevalling onder water

Everybody can use a warm water bath during dilation; it can even help in high-risk pregnancies. For instance, high blood pressure can be lowered if you´re under water.

For a waterbirth (at home as well as in hospital) however, the same terms apply as for a home birth: they are only possible in the case of low-risk pregnancies where the baby is coming out head-first and, if the waters have broken, then the amniotic fluid must be clear. 

Can the baby drown under water?

No, and here´s why not:

  • A baby gets oxygen from the mother through the umbilical cord and placenta.
  • A baby will only breathe when it feels cold air on the skin and after the umbilical cord has been cut.
  • All newborn land mammals have what is called a Dive Reflex: with sudden immersion the windpipe will automatically close. 

Birthing pools:

A birthing pool is preferably round or hexagonal, big enough for the mother to move around and change position in, strong enough for both partners to lean on its edges. You can buy a birthing pool from Bolle Buik and if you have a home birth with one of our midwifes you can also hire a special birthing pool kit.

More information can be found through this link. 

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