Support during labour

Stay at home during labour for a planned birth in hospital

opvolging arbeid thuisTo have the midwife support you during labour, regardless of where you will give birth, has several advantages:

  • At home dilation progresses better: your own home is the best place to keep the hormone flow going, which you body needs to get strong contractions
  • At home your know exactly where everything is, you have a lot of distraction (bake some bread or a pie when contractions only just started, have a shower during stronger contractions, walk around in your garden, …)
  • At home your partner will be more at ease
  • At home you will be less inhibited and you can assume any position or make any sound you need to be able to cope with contractions
  • At home you can withdraw yourself completely if you need to, find your own quiet place where nobody will disturb you

opvolging arbeidWhat does the midwife do for you:

  • She can monitor the baby’s condition (listen to the heart beats, determine the position of the baby)
  • She can give you tips or just reassure you that everything is fine
  • She can stay with you whenever you need
  • She can give your partner some tips to help you
  • She can refer you to hospital in time, when you feel it’s appropriate 

How to organise this support:

  • You can make an appointment (Consultation) with a midwife from our team
  • Your pregnancy will than be followed alternately with the gyneacologist
  • The midwife will regularly check if the pregnancy develops normally, which is a condition necessary even for support at home during labour. 
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