Giving birth in hospital

1. In hospital with the midwife

Bevallen in het ziekenhuis

It is possible for the midwife to assist at births in certain hospitals. Labour will be accompanied at home first and then the midwife goes with the couple to hospital where labour and delivery continue. In some hospitals you can even have a waterbirth accompanied by your midwife.
A few hours after giving birth, if all went well, you will be free to go home or, if you prefer, you may stay in the maternity ward a little longer. Once you’re home the midwife will visit you for follow-up
, postnatal care

2. In hospital with your own doctor

Support during labour at home with the midwife and giving birth in hospital with your own doctor. Even if you would rather give birth in hospital with your gynaecologist, you can still visit a midwife regularly. It is possible to alternate consultations with the midwife and your gynaecologist. Once in labour and all is going well, the midwife can support you at home for a while, before deciding together when it is time to leave for the hospital of your choice. In hospital the midwife can assist your doctor in giving birth. Once back at home the midwife will visit you for follow-up, postnatal care.

3. Short stay in hospital (polyclinic)

You can choose to return home from hospital sooner than the usual 5 days. The short stay can vary from a couple of hours to 1 or 2 days after the birth. It is important to start by making clear arrangements with your doctor and/or hospital. Giving birth with a short stay in hospital is possible in any hospital that has a maternity ward so you don’t have to go to a special clinic. Even after a short stay in hospital you can let the midwife do the postnatal care at home. It is, however, advisable to find someone to help you with the household or taking care of the baby, since you will need sufficient rest and support at home too.

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