At home

Giving birth at home means that you are in your own familiar environment. You know every colour, every smell and every sound. You have peace and quiet and can relax more easily − all of this is so important when giving birth. When you feel at ease during labour you can listen to your body.

You are free at home to move around as you wish. You can walk about, take a warm bath, lean against the wall in the corridor, get some fresh air in the garden, water your plants, hug your partner or listen to your favourite music. 


Thuis bevallen

First and foremost your birth partner is there. He or she is at your side and can be as involved as you choose. The birth partner can measure the time in between contractions and calculate how long each contraction takes. They can hold you or hug you and can even cut the umbilical cord. Together you will be supported by the familiar figure of the midwife who has shared the pregnancy journey with you and prepared you for giving birth.

Midwifes are specially trained to accompany normal pregnancies and births and carry out postnatal care. They have years of practical experience before they start doing home births. Furthermore, the midwife will use much of the same material that is used in a hospital. She carries sterile equipment, a special disposable birth mattress and medication for emergencies. She can listen to the baby´s heartbeat with an electronic Doppler device. She also carries an oxygen bottle, an instrument to remove mucus from the baby´s mouth and other medical equipment to anaesthetise, to cut and to suture if necessary. These are things she rarely has to use.

Complications can always occur and then the delivery might become risky. In that case the birth should take place in a hospital. The midwife will be able to spot a high-risk pregnancy during the prenatal consultations. Even once the home birth is underway the midwife can decide that it might be best to go to a hospital to give birth. This is why one of the prerequisites for a home birth is living not more than half an hour´s drive from a hospital. 

List of materials

In this document you can find a list of the materials the midwife will bring with her and what you need to provide yourself.

You can also take a look at the information on waterbirths.

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