Postnatal care

De nazorg tijdens de kraamperiode

The midwife is also responsible for postnatal care for those who have had home births or polyclinic birth.

She will visit you daily for up to one week after the birth and for longer if needed to check that everything is ok with mother and child. She will check the mother´s blood pressure, the position of the uterus and the amount of blood loss. If stitches were needed, she will check those too and take them out after a while. She also checks the baby´s weight, temperature and general condition (colour, how alert it is, etc.) She cleans the belly button and around day three or four she can do a heel prick (Guthrie) test.

The midwife is there to support you throughout this period. Even if you gave birth in hospital and stayed there for five or six days you may have some questions; about yourself, how to look after your baby, breastfeeding. For up to six weeks after giving birth you can keep bringing those questions to your midwife. 

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